5 Innovative Social Enterprises That are Changing the World

Most social enterprises are adopting the use of innovation in making the world a better place. Social enterprises are dedicated towards the improvement of the world through offering solutions to social problems. The following are some of the social enterprises that use innovation to improve the world:


This is a social enterprise that is concerned with giving back to the community using energy conserving technologies. It uses thermoelectric technology to create affordable alternative sources of energy for the society.

Arsenic Absorbent

This enterprise focuses on creating reusable arsenic absorbent in order to avert cases of arsenic poisoning in drinking water. From the US to India, eight countries have seen reduced rates of arsenic poisoning since the social enterprise developed a reusable arsenic absorbent.


This is a social enterprise that promotes consumer education in the community. They encourage people to use their power for good. They also make things like renewable energy accessible and cheaper.


This social enterprise forms a platform where students and disadvantaged members of the society meet to jointly carry out entrepreneurial activities. Such entrepreneurial activities are of benefit to the society.

Swipes for the Homeless

This social enterprise was formed by a group of college students who wanted to make the lives of the homeless in the community better. It has a membership of students from three universities: UCLA, Berkley, and Northwestern University. Its members carry activities such as donating foods to the homeless.



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