Social Enterprises Focused on Improving Maternal and Child Health in Africa

The GE healthymagination Mother and Child Program in collaboration with Santa Clara University’s Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship offered training, mentorship and finally graduated fourteen social entrepreneurs from Africa. This training was offered in a bid of empowering social enterprises to work towards improving maternal and child health in Africa. The training involved a three-day physical attendance in Nairobi, Kenya, and online training.

After their graduation, the fourteen social entrepreneurs were tasked with making tangible changes in maternal and child health in their respective communities. They are to do this through taking advantage of GE’s healthcare expertise among other types of knowledge imparted on them by the programme’s selected mentors and trainers. These fourteen social entrepreneurs are as follows:

The following are the 14 social enterprises that have been trained by the healthymagination Mother and Child Programme:

  1. Access Afya, Kenya.
  2. Health Builders, Rwanda.
  3. LifeNet Internal, Uganda.
  4. Ayzh, Kenya.
  5. Health-E-Net, Kenya.
  6. Lwala Community, Kenya.
  7. Hewa Tele, Kenya.
  8. Outreach Medical Service, Nigeria.
  9. Peace Health, Ghana.
  10. Nurture Africa, Uganda.
  11. PurpleSource Healthcare, Nigeria.
  12. The Shanti Uganda Society, Uganda.
  13. Telemed Medical Services, Ethiopia.
  14. Village HopeCare International, Kenya.




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