Misophonia: Detesting Certain Sounds Might be a Sign of Brain Abnormality

A condition where an individual reacts extremely negatively to some sounds that are unnoticeable, such as someone eating or a pen clicking is known as Misophonia. When these noises are exposed to sufferers, they respond with a “flight” or “fight” reaction.

The sufferers have an alteration in the brain part that is known as frontal lobe. Researchers at Newcastle University discovered a difference in the brain frontal lobe of misophonia sufferers, indicating the disorder is genuine. According to Dr. Sukhbinder Kumar of the Newcastle University, the study shows the acute brain changes as additional evidence to convince some skeptical medical practitioners that that Misophonia is a genuine disorder.

According to Tim Griffiths, a professor of cognitive neurology at Newcastle University and UCL, study is expected to “reassure” sufferers

Olana Tansley-Hancock, one of Misophonia sufferer, the noises her family made when eating makes made her feel irritated. She described the disorder as “a feeling of wanting to hit people when I heard the sound of them eating

This research is expected to be a huge relief to many as it demonstrates that there a physical basis for this disease.





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