Child Watabaran – Children-Focused Social Enterprise

Child Watabaran promotes a sustainable model to help street children. To finance its children project, the enterprise sells fair trade shirts. Also, it promotes access to employment so that poor families can generate income to sustain themselves.

Social exclusion and poverty have engulfed many Nepalese families. If family economy fall, social capital is destroyed, and the government fails to respond through welfare provisions, children are the worst victim and they end up on the street. In Nepal, there are more than 5000 children living on the street. In addition, about 2.6 million child labourers are susceptible to become street children.

To respond to that issue, Child Watabaran has developed measures such as financial self-reliance and employment generation. Protecting susceptible families from falling down by creating employment, helping slum families with day-care, supporting enterprise and women saving groups are some of the preventive works the social enterprise does. Streets children that are not covered by those interventions are taken to homes and schools to prepare them as self-fulfilling people by impacting education to value work, family, environment, and humanity.



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