3 Social Enterprise Products that are Changing the World Using Clean Water Ventures

Image result for 3 Social Enterprise Products that are changing the World Using Clean Water VenturesAbout 663 million people in the world have no access to clean water, according to charity:water. That is almost 1 in 10 individuals worldwide. Clean water important for drinking and sanitation. According to Water.org, about 2.4 billion people lack access to a toilet. To combat the problem of insufficient clean water, the following social enterprise products improves and impacts clean water ventures in the world:


100% of profits go into water projects around the globe. If you look at the bottom of any jerry bottle you will see the water project the user of the bottle funded. Jerry bottles are sustainable water bottles that do not only improve the accessibility of clean water but also reduce pollution.

Socks by Conscious Step

Conscious Step is a social enterprise that creates well-designed socks to combat for global causes. In partnership with Water.org., Conscious Step provides a specific pair of shoes that offer clean water to someone for 18 months.

Water Bottle by Thirst Project

The Thirst Project is a social enterprise that raises awareness about the clean water crisis in the world by educating the public through local speaking engagements, school curriculum, public exhibitions and other events.





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