Social Entrepreneurs Who are Daring to Tackle HIV and Aids

Image result for Social Entrepreneurs who are daring to Tackle HIV and AidsAlthough the statistics on HIV and Aids disease remain high, some social entrepreneurs are helping to fight the epidemic across the globe. The following are three social entrepreneurs helping to tackle AIDs pandemic:

Hilmi Quareshi, India

Hilmi Quraishi uses messages and mobile games to inform people about the risks of HIV/AIDS and ways to avoid it. His games are intended to reach many people in the developing world. The games are highly engaging, affordable, and simple to operate.

Rocío Rubí Roncal Rojas, Peru

Rocío is helping young people to move from the high-risk group of getting HIV/AIDs to none at all. She is drawing on an extensive network of private and public institutions in her country to establish one-stop service centres offering AIDs education, prevention, and treatment assistance to young people. Before she began her organization (Assoiacion Kallpa), no coordinated efforts existed to give young people the information, services, and resources they need to avoid getting HIV.

Mitchell Besser, Africa

Mitchell is helping mothers living with HIV educate each other about preventing mother-to-child transmission. His organization, mothers2mothers, recruits HIV-positive mothers and hire them to support, educate and mentor pregnant women in similar condition.



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