4 Crowdfunding Sites that Social Entrepreneurs Should Know

Image result for 4 Crowdfunding Sites that Social Entrepreneurs Should KnowIf money is stopping you from solving a social problem, stop waiting and begin doing something good in the world. There are many crowdfunding sites that social entrepreneurs can use to fund their projects, social ventures, books and firms. I’ll briefly discuss four of them.


Although Kickstarter was originally designed for creative arts, many enetrprenurs are using it to raise millions of dollars. The site’s model is all-or-nothing model. The site requires entrepreneurs to set goal for their raise; and if raise surpass the goal, they keep all the money.


StartSomeGood is great for early-stage projects that are not yet registered. The site uses an exceptional “tipping point” model for raising funds, letting you to set a goal and a lower “tipping point”, where a project can minimally proceed,


Indiegogo allows entrepreneurs to raise money for completely anything, with an optional “have what you raise” model that have higher fees or pay less with an all-or-nothing approach.


Pozible is a global platform for all kinds of projects, stressing “creative projects and ideas” and particularly excludes fundraising for charities. The site runs with an all-or-nothing funding model.





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